Read some of our most frequently asked questions

What is the Pathways Initiative?

Pathways to Prosperity is an initiative adopted by the State of Tennessee to enhance and reform Career and Technical Education, and increase the number of students who complete high school with skills relevant to today’s job market. Students engage in programs of study which prepare them either to enter the workforce with certifications and specific skills, or advance to more intense training at area community colleges, TCATs, or four-year universities. Southwest Tennessee joined Pathways in 2014, and currently represents seven counties -- Chester, Decatur, Haywood, Madison, Hardin, Fayette, and McNairy counties. Pathways is also part of the State’s “TN Promise” initiative.

What “Pathways” have been identified for the Southwest Tennessee Region?

Advanced Manufacturing and Information Technology are the first two areas identified by regional industry and education leaders to strengthen student skills and create employment opportunities for our youth.

How will Pathways affect me?

You will be more aware of, and prepared for, career opportunities in our region. If you choose to pursue one of the career pathways, you will take courses designed to prepare you for jobs in that field and allow you to interact in real-world work experiences. The pathways are designed to help you enter the workforce with valuable certifications, or give you an advantage if you choose to pursue additional education or training.

Is Pathways available to home-schooled students?

Pathways Southwest focuses on students and curricula in the public school system in your county. Their policies on credits for home-schooled students will apply. Give the Career & Technical Education department in your school system a call to learn how this works in your county.

What if I’m an adult learner, and can’t get on a Pathway in high school?

There are many resources you can access to get back on track to train and qualify for jobs in our area. Contact your nearest Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) or community college to learn about their programs. Your local office of Labor & Workforce Development can also be of assistance. TN Reconnect offers adult learners the chance to get postsecondary training at little or no cost. Ask about this program when you call.