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Feeling Lost? Take The First Step!

It can often be difficult for young adults to choose what path is best suited for them. Should you go to a traditional four-year university? Trade school? Straight into the job market? With so many options, it is easy to feel lost. There are a few ways young adults can figure out what route is best for them. To learn about them, keep reading!


A great way to get some direction is to shadow different individuals in your life. By getting first hand experience, you can determine whether you enjoy a particular field. Interested in a few different majors? Reach out to students or faculty to see if you can sit in on a few classes or talk to a professor! If traditional education isn’t your thing, do the same with a trade school of your desired industry. By seeing what the day to day life of people in and out of school looks like, you can make an informed decision about the right path for you!


Personality Tests

A Myers-Briggs Personality Test provides a lot of insight into what industries and positions one would excel in. Some individuals have personality types that make them natural leaders, analysts, caregivers, artists, and etc. Of course, these tests are not fortune tellers, but they do provide valuable information. By getting a deeper understanding of what your talents and workplace tendencies are, you can get a holistic idea as to what you are meant to do.


Talk To Your Counselor

Perhaps one of the best people to seek advice from is your school counselor. They have had years of experience helping students find programs, schools, and career paths that are right for them. Some students feel that their counselors can’t provide accurate guidance when it comes to postgraduate activities, but this is in an incorrect assumption! Trust in their ability to guide, and make an appointment with them.

Overall, you should always enlist help when it comes to figuring out what path is right for you. You are not in this alone! Regardless if you choose to shadow an individual, take a personality test, or talk to your counselor, you will be one step closer to figuring out what life after high school looks like.


About The Author:

Nikitha Lokareddy is a recent 4.0 graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business. She is an avid playlist maker, coffee drinker, and enjoys working with fashion brands in the Phoenix area.


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