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Community College or Four Year? What’s For You

Higher education is a smart choice. It can help you better your knowledge in a skill set or even teach you how to execute a certain field of study. There are many different types of careers that are offered when it comes to furthering your education. The choices on which type of college to attend is a big choice as well. You can either choose to attend a local Community College or a Four Year University. Each of them have their pros and cons to attending.

Community College

Community Colleges are a great step to approaching a secondary education. These colleges are often close to home and offer a variety of different studies. Those that attend these schools may be in a variety of different life stages and choices. It is easy to notice that the student body at these types of colleges ranges in all sorts of ages and lifestyles. The admission process to enter these colleges is easier as well. Not to many pre-requisites are required to enter and almost any type of exiting high school student can attend. This is a great option for those that may not have performed that well in their high school career. The Community College is a relaxed environment that is roughly affordable.

4-Year University

Attending a 4-year University is a different level of secondary school. These schools are tougher to get granted entrance into. A required level of grades as well as a specific SAT or ACT score are usually required. Certain classes are recommended prior to entry as well. If this is the type of school that you choose, it is a great idea to look into the requirements prior to completing your high school career. These schools offer a higher level of skills and more specialized choices in fields of study. Cost to attend these 4-year Universities can be high. This mirrors the professional level of teaching that is available. These Universities are large and have many students to interact with. This would be a great choice if school was an easy process and you have a great career in mind.

What is the Correct Choice?

Whether you choose to attend a 4-year University or a small Community College, you will receive a secondary education. It is all up to a matter of choice. Each of them offer professors that are skilled in their fields and eager to teach new students. Choosing the right type of college to attend has many factors. You must consider price, specifications, and even size of classes. Everyone succeeds with a different set of guidelines. Compare all the choices when choosing and then make a sound choice.


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