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Choosing a university is a big decision. There are so many universities out there it is hard to find that one that may be the best fit. There are some tips to help you select the university that is right for you.


When picking a field, it is important to select a university that specializes in that field. If you are not sure what you want to major in look for a school that offers a wide variety of fields. That way you can take several introductory courses and find an area that interests you.

The Ranking

While the rank of the university is important there is more information to look at. Others may have a ranking based on specific majors. The staff to student ratio is also very important. The lower the ratio is the better. Smaller classes give you the chance to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the topic. There are some schools that may have several hundred students in one class. You need to seriously consider if you are comfortable with this and can learn with such as a large group.

The Library

University students spend a great deal of time in the library. You should look for a library setting that is comfortable and you can see yourself spending time in. the library should have books and the latest technology for conducting research. Also, research the hours of the library. Make sure the hours are going to fit in with your schedule and when you are going to get most of your work done.

Course Content

Look at the topics that are covered n the courses that you are interested in. You can speak with someone in the department or research the courses in the course catalog. The course should be relevant and useful in your field of study.


Attending a university is about more than just the academics. Many students attend for the experience. If you play sports, make sure the college offers that sport and find out information about trying out for the team. Check out the different clubs and societies that are on the campus. If you are interested in the Greek life to check out the different fraternities or sororities that are at the college. There should be plenty of things to keep you entertained when you are not studying.

These are some of the things that will help you find the university that is right for you. Academics are important and so are the activities that will make going to school an experience to remember.

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